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Lab routine fast, easy, safe

Drawing quantities of liquids from large supply bottles is a daily routine in the lab. This manual task must be carried out quickly, accurately, reproducibly, simply and safely without loss of reagent.

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with innovative dosing technique

Chemical volumteric analysis with small and the most minute liquid volumes requires substantial concentration. The VITLAB® continuous bottle-top burette enables continuous titration, which leads to rapid, convenient, and accurate results.

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Handling of air-interface pipettes

For exact and precise analytical results, the following points should be considered, independent of the pipetting technique ...

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Volume measurement

The very highest precision in volumetric instruments

Volume measurement is a routine laboratory operation and volumetric instruments such as volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders and pipettes are standard equipment in any analytical laboratory.

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VITsafe™ Safety wash bottles

Working with chemical substances, which are sometimes dangerous, requires a high level of responsibility and concentration.

With the VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles VITLAB offers laboratory equipment that fulfills your safety requirements.

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Fluoroplastic products

Fluoroplastic PFA labware

In addition to the polyolefines (e.g. PP, HDPE and LDPE), fluoropolymers, especially PFA and PTFE, have established a firm place in modern laboratories.

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Opaque products

Greater protection for light-sensitive substances.

Light-sensitive substances require protection from the effects of light, particularly UV light, to prolong their usable lifetime. In 2008, VITLAB manufactured the world's first opaque volumetric flasks developed from specially pigmented plastic.

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Suitability for foodstuffs

Regardless of whether your work involves beakers, scoops or funnels: VITLAB offers you a variety of food-safe products for your individual application in the food industry.

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What do tolerance, coefficient of variation, and precision mean in regard to volumetric measurements?

The dart board simulates the volume range around the centered nominal value; the white dots simulate the different measured values of a specified volume.

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