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with new dosage technology

Bottletop burette VITLAB® continuous

Chemical volumetric analysis with minute liquid volumes requires a great deal of concentration. With VITLAB® “continuous”, the bottletop burette, you can carry out continuous titration and comfortably attain secure results – and save a lot of time in the process.

The patented1) double-piston pump holds the solution to be measured permanently and pulse-free – filling procedures are not necessary.

Furthermore, this innovative technology increases security; its compact structure and low center of gravity reduce risk of spillage, especially with smaller bottles. The height and length of the discharge tube can be adjusted, allowing you to work safely with both short and tall bottles.

The patented2) patented recirculation system from VITLAB has two advantages: it prevents the loss of valuable reagents and reduces the risk of splashing. The simple-to-use calibration function helps meet all the requirements of testing-apparatus monitoring – with minimal downtime. Margins of error are well within those specified in the German DIN EN ISO 8665-3 standard, even for partial volumes.

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2. Angled display

2. Angled display

The angled display clearly shows the titration volume and simplifies operation.
3. Double-piston pump

3. Double-piston pump

By turning both thumbwheels, the titration liquid is pumped continually by the patented1) double-piston pump.
4. Recirculation valve

4. Recirculation valve

The patented2) recirculation valve from VITLAB reduces reagent loss and increases safety.