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DE-M marking for conformity certified products according to the German Measurement and Calibration Regulation
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The new Dispenser VITLAB® TA2 is the dispensing instrument of choice for fulfilling the strictest purity requirements for trace analysis. A special cleaning procedure, well proven in practice, is employed prior to the use in trace analysis, making it possible to operate in an extremely contamination-free manner.

  • The parts that are in contact with media are made of various fluoroplastics (e.g. ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE), Al2O3-sapphire, platinum-iridium or tantalum (depending on model)
  • The release of trace metal content can be kept in the low ppb, and depending on application, even in the ppt range
  • Exchange valve spring: A platinum-iridium or tantalum valve spring can be used, depending on the application
  • A field-tested cleaning process to employ before use in trace analysis is described in the instruction manual
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, especially to aggressive media such as highly concentrated acids and alkalis, hydrogen peroxide, hydrofluoric acid, and bromine
  • Modular structure for simply dismantling while cleaning and for replacing the dispensing cartrige


  • quick, easy and precise volume adjustment due to interior scalloped track and practical screw mechanism
  • with screwable discharge valve

Graduation 0.2 ml
A* ≤ ± 0.5 % / 50 µl
CV* ≤ 0.1 % / 10 µl

* Error limits according to DIN EN ISO 8655-5, based on nominal volume (= maximum volume) printed on the instrument if the instrument, the environment and dist. H2O are at the same temperature (20 °C). Testing takes place according DIN EN ISO 8655-6 with a completely filled instrument and with uniform and smooth dispensing.
DE-M marked.

Included in delivery:

VITLAB® TA2 dispenser with adjustable variable volumes, certified compliant according to DIN 12600, with quality certificate, telescoping filling tube, mounting tool, GL 28/S 28 (ETFE), GL 32 (ETFE), and S 40 (PTFE) bottle adapters, and instruction manual. Optionally with or without recirculation valve.

Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate or individual quality certificate.

Recommended dispensing media for VITLAB® TA2:

Types / Sizes:

Volume (ml)Valve springRecirculationPUCat. No.
1.0 – 10.0Platinum-iridiumno11627515
1.0 – 10.0Platinum-iridiumyes11627525
1.0 – 10.0Tantalumno11627535
1.0 – 10.0Tantalumyes11627545