Dosing Totally reliable dispensing

Bottletop dispensers VITLAB genius² and simplex²
1) calibration machanism,
2) easy, quickly and accurately volume setting,
3) new discharge tub connecting,
4) screwable discharge valve,
5) screwabvle ventilation plug,
6) screwable intake valve,
7) standard thread GL 45

Bottletop Dispensers VITLAB® genius² and simplex²

Extracting measured amounts of liquid from bottles is a routine laboratory task best carried out quickly, accurately, precisely, simply and safely, and without reagent loss.


The VITLAB® genius² and VITLAB® simplex² bottletop dispensers are precision devices that not only accomplish these objectives, but also offer many other advantages. The direct displacement plungers, for example, use a fluoroplastic (PFA) seal that works like a windscreen wiper to prevent build-up of easily crystallizing media on the cylinder wall.

The glass cylinder is also coated with a synthetic material that reduces risk of splashes if breakage should occur. The telescopic intake tube can easily be smoothly adjusted to the height of the bottle.

And, since the materials in contact with the media (PTFE, PFA, FEP, borosilicate glass and platinum-iridium) are resistant to acids, solvents and bases, the bottletop dispensers from VITLAB can be applied almost universally. All VITLAB dispensers are completely autoclavable at 121°C.

VITLAB Dispenser line: genius², simplex² and TA²

VITLAB bottle-top dispensers are available for a broad spectrum of applications in the dispensing of exact volumes. VITLAB® genius² and simplex² can be used for practically any task, while VITLAB® TA² dispensers have been specially developed for use in trace analysis and with highly concentrated media. As they are produced from materials with extremely high chemical resistance, VITLAB bottle-top dispensers are very robust and reliable.