VITsafe™ Safety wash bottles

Working with chemical substances, which are sometimes dangerous, requires a high level of responsibility and concentration. VITLAB provides laboratory equipment that fulfils safety requirements in the form of the VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles.


The VENT-CAP virtually prevents leaking, dripping or escaping of liquid from the fitting, which sometimes can occur because of temperature changes in the laboratory.


Select the safety wash bottles to fit your requirements from among 17 different material names and three volumes. Permanent imprinted hazard pictogram with signal word, H- and P-phrases and other individual information to ensure the highest level of safety.


VENT CAP function VITsafe wash bottle


The metal-free VENT-CAP (patent pending) reduces excess static overpressure according to the principle of gas / steam permeability. Dripping is thus almost completely eliminated.

GHS imprint VITsafe wash bottle

Safety imprint

VITsafe™ safety wash bottles are permanently printed in accordance with the Directive (EC) No. 1272/2008 (GHS), as well as with all important information. Includes material name in German, English, French and Spanish, hazard pictogram with signal word, chemical formula, CAS number, H-phrases, P-phrases and NFPA code.

VITsafe narrow mouth variant

Narrow-mouth or wide-mouth

All VITsafe™ safety wash-bottles are available in two variations. To VITLAB's traditional narrow-mouth wash-bottles we have added a new line of wide- mouth wash-bottles that simplify filling, even without a funnel.