Volume measurement The very highest precision in volumetric instruments

Volume measurement is a routine laboratory operation. Therefore, volumetric instruments such as volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders and pipettes are standard equipment in any analytical laboratory.


The importance of the standard of measurement accuracy in your routine laboratory operations cannot be overstated. VITLAB has decades of experience in the development and production of laboratory products which are used to measure volumes.


VITLAB is the first manufacturer to produce Class A measuring cylinders from PMP that are certified compliant according to DIN 12681.


All Class A PMP volumetric flasks are optionally available in transparent or UV-absorbing variations for light-sensitive substances.


Type "Ex": The delivered quantity of liquid corresponds to the volume printed on the instrument (pipettes and burettes).


Type "In": The contained quantity of liquid corresponds to the volume printed on the instrument (volumetric flasks and measuring cylinders).


VITLAB calibrates each individual volumetric flask "to contain" (In) at a reference temperature of 20 °C. The hydrophobic characteristics of the materials in plastic volumetric instruments lead to the measured volume being the same as the delivered quantity ("In" = "Ex") for aqueous solutions.

Accuracy classes

Class A: The volume tolerances lie within the limits specified by DIN and ISO.


Class B: The volume tolerances are twice the error limits for Class A specified by DIN and ISO.


Detailed explanations on “accuracy in volume measurement” are available to download here: "General and Technical Information".

Certificate of conformity

The DE-M marking is VITLAB’s guarantee that the respective products comply with the German Measurement and Calibration Regulation.


The special manufacturing process developed by VITLAB, and the proven VITLAB quality management system, ensure compliance with the volume tolerances specified by the Standards.