VITgrip™ Starter-Set

Food-safe products according to EU Directive No. 10/2011 Products that can be autoclaved at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285. Note restrictions!
VITgrip™ lab bottles, PP, GL 45 with tamper-evident cap, PP.

Everyday use bottles made of plastic for sampling and storing liquids in the lab.

Due to the innovative design and the ergonomic shape the bottles have an outstanding easy-grip feature. The slim and tapered shape greatly improves handling in comparison to conventional lab bottles. Furthermore, the molded volume graduations provide texture for an enhanced grip, especially when working with gloves.

Through the optimised sealing system of bottle threads and screw cap the bottle is leakproof* and offers an optimum pouring behaviour and easy cleaning due to the hydrophobic material and round shape.

With double-sided molded graduations (accuracy ± 5%), the volume inside the bottle is easy to read, even during use.

The included tamper-evident cap reliably signals if the bottle is still sealed before opening.

The bottle has very good chemical resistance against most acids, bases and alcoholic solutions. Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285. Furthermore, the bottle and tamper-evident cap are suitable for contact with foodstuffs (in compliance with regulation EU No. 10/2011).

Types / Sizes

Type Description Cat. No.
Starter-Set 1x 250 ml, 1x 500 ml, 1x 1000 ml + 3x tamper-evident closure 111194
Height without screw cap
* IMPORTANT NOTE: The term leakproof applies under the following test conditions: The VITgrip™ lab bottle is half filled with distilled water and is closed with the supplied VITLAB® screw closure – after the ring of the tamper-evident closure clicks into place – with a torque of 5 Nm. Subsequently, the bottle is turned upside down and remains, standing on the screw cap, for 15 minutes, without the filled-in water escaping. The test is carried out at room temperature (approx. 20 °C) and atmospheric pressure."